21st Century Breaching Rapid Door System


21st Century Breaching Rapid Door System is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

The 21st Century Breaching Kit "Rapid Door System" is a pre-built linear charge (comes without explosives). The system comes with a 80 inch Linear frame, a safe connector and pre-placed adhesive. It can be used either as a cutting charge (explosive towards the target) or a pushing charge (backing to the target). Adding explosives is quick and easy - the system is designed to effortlessly accept a wide variety of explosives eg. from one to five lines of detonation cord or up to 1" x 80" strip of sheet explosives. The system can be easily folded or rolled after applying explosives. It is made from bi-stable composite tape and is self-deploying and self- supporting. This system supports long term storage, improved foot and vehicle transport and significantly decreases deployment times. Once deployed, they form perfect rigid charges and are self-supporting - just peel the adhesive covering and stick. The system ios designed for very low to no fragmentation.

*. Eliminates 12" to 18" of detcord for every charge

*. Debris safe design eliminates flying projectiles

*. Unique priming well design allows for quick arm and disarm

*. Lightweight connector -  always right no matter the direction

* Designed for double or single priming