Light Weight Ram


Light Weight Ram


  • Proprietary Double-Tap Technology inside the Ram Body
  • 3 lb Internal Floating Mass Greatly Enhances Effectiveness
  • At the Cutting Edge of Ram Technology
  • Groves Cut into the Head Face to Reduce Slipping Upon Target Impact
  • Carbon Steel Head
  • Very Well Balanced
  • Lighter Weight Enabling Faster and Less Encumbered Movement to the Target and During the Assault
  • Handles are Hinged to Accommodate Different Hand Holds
  • Machined Groves in the Handle for a Positive Grip
  • Designed and Built by Master Breacher
  • By Far, the Most Effective Light Ram on the Market
  • Very Unique Proprietary Features used only by Double-Tap



Total Weight: 21.5 lbs
Length: 16 3/4"