KBP Exclusive Breachers Starter Kit


KBP Exclusive Breachers Starter Kit


The Breacher's Starter Kit has been designed for teams who are standing up an explosive breaching program within their tactical unit. In conjunction with our strategic partner TEES, we have assembled a number of "must have" items versus items that are "nice to have."

Single Center Punch x 1
Dual Center Punch x 1
209 Shotshell Primers x 100

Protecto Wrap 2" x 50' (x 1)
Hydrogel for Hockey Pucks 8" x 9" (x 10)
Breachers Tape 30 mil x 50 ft (x 1)

Junction Clips X 100
330B Hockey Puck Rubber Squares x 2
Poly Strips 12" x 1/2" x 1/2" (x 10)
Breaching Log Book x 1
Bushido "Joey" Firing Satchel x 2

NOTE: The Bushido "Joey" Firing Satchels will include the following items:
White Card
Primers' Container
Electric Tape
PVC Pipe