Double-Tap Quick Change Set



  • Allows the Operator to Adapt to an Ever Changing Tactical Environment
  • Different Heads with the Unique Ability to Quickly Change Them as Needed
  • Deep Hard Anodized Coating
  • Sold as a Set with a Attached Hammer, Interface Adaptor and Choice of Heads
  • Head is Machined Heat-Treated Chromium/Molybdenum Alloy Steel
  • Prying Heads are Drop Forged from High Alloy Steel and Heat Treated for Maximum Strength
  • Collet Locking Chuck Provides 360° of Gripping Force around the Shaft
  • Premium Quality Ti-6Al-4V Alpha-Beta Titanium Shaft
  • Proprietary Double-Tap Technology inside the Hammer Head Reducing Handle Vibration
  • Handle Constructed of High Grade Heat Treated Aluminum
  • Anti Slip Knurl Pattern Cut into the Handle for a Positive Grip
  • Designed and Built by Master Breacher
  • Lanyard Connection in the End Cap
  • Other Unique Proprietary Features used only by Double-Tap



Each set contains:
1ea Double-Tap Hammer (Light, Intermediate, or Heavy)
1ea Handle with Interface Adaptor
and your choice of Halligan Head, Military Halligan Head, and/or Hinge Breaker Head

Light Hammer: 5.2 lb
Intermediate Hammer: 7.35 lb
Heavy Hammer: 10.2 lb
3 Heads with Adaptor and Handle: 11.80 lb
2 Heads with Adaptor and Handle: 8.6 - 9.3 lb

Collapsed Length: 16 3/4" - 17"
Extended Length: 23 3/4" - 24 1/2"