BDS40 MK20 Fireade


The BDS40 FireAde MK20 Finger Loop aerosol is ideal for tactical fire suppression situations. The MK20 aerosol is a bag on valve design that allows the can to function in any angle, even upside down. The fingerloop design with orange pull tab allows rapid deployment of the tool to be quickly used to suppress flames and mitigate the threat.

The product is ideal for spot fire applications for any situation. The non toxic, non corrosive agent, allows rapid suppression of flames while cooling the surfaces on contact as well. Keep in mind, depending on the size of the hazard, more than one device may be required to mitigate the threat.

Do Not Use on Electrical Fires


  • Suitable for use with all standard firefighting equipment
  • Suitable for Class "A" Fires
  • Suitable for Class "B" Fires
  • Suitable for Class "D" Earth Metals
  • Suitable for Class "K" Grease/Fats
  • Superior Cooling
  • Creates a Temporary, Thermal Heat Barrier When Applied Properly