Triple BreachPen Pouch


This Triple BreachPen pouch has sleeves for three (3) BreachPens or two (2) BreachPens and one (1) BROCO Jimmy Pry Bar....or even a set of nunchucks.  Obviously, it is up to you as to how you utilize the compartments within the pouch but this is the standard configuration.  The pouch is made of a slick laser cut design with malice clips for ease of mounting to molle style attachments and could also have other styles of attachment that you may use with the malice clips.  Don't like malice clips and rather have a sling?  No problem.  We've got you covered.  You will still receive malice clips in the case that you would like to utilize them, but you have an option to add an adjustable sling, in the options while ordering.  The pouch itself is made of a water-resistant material and is extremely lightweight.  Malice clips can be easily attached to the rear of a plate carrier for easy access for team members to have access or they can be placed on backpacks for quick use.  This pouch (and sling) is made proudly in the USA.Trip