The Blast Gauge System™

  • Triage Capable- Lights activated via recessed button.
  • Exposure Tailored Treatment- Data transferred to PC for detailed event analysis.
  • Durable- Fully encapsulated design withstands weather and impact.
  • Automated- Blast overpressure and acceleration automatically collected and classified.
  • Reprogrammable- Load latest algorithms at time of activation.
  • Small- Less than one cubic inch and weighing less than one ounce.
  • Flexible- Instantly mounts to helmet, gear and vehicles.
  • Inexpensive- Quickly outfit deployed troops.
  • Disposable- Predictable performance without legacy systems logistics.
  • Traceable- Soldier privacy protected.
  • Multipurpose- Breaching, EOD, SOF, SWAT, Route Clearance, Training.

Traumatic Brain Injury has been recognized as the signature injury of modern day conflicts, yet most warfighters remain without blast exposure logging capabilities. The B3 Blast Gauge provides an immediate solution to capture soldier exposure to explosive blasts - guiding triage in the field and exposure tailored medical treatment for TBI.

Small & Lightweight, the Blast Gauge has been designed for robust performance in the most extreme environmental conditions. The unique flexible mounting design permits tool-free attachment to any helmet strap, PALS webbing, and physical structures such as vehicles, and buildings, without interference.

LED Triage Lights are activated via an environmentally sealed recessed button, allowing the field medic to instantly access exposure based on pre-set thresholds defining moderate and severe events. All data is date and time stamped and stored for later download via USB for off-line analysis by medical personnel.

Compatible with existing uniforms and equipment, the system can be immediately deployed to all troops at risk of exposure to explosive blasts.

Accurate measurement of overpressure waveforms, pressure impulse, and acceleration. Multiple units can be worn by each soldier to recreate a complete picture of blast exposure.

Tracking Cumulative Exposure for correlation to acute injury and long term deficits via integrated data base.


*Battery Life assumes usage profile of 30% operational tempo (in active monitoring mode), and 25°C in military deployed settings, or 20 hours / week operating and training schedule on law enforcement.