Gillette Firing Device


Gillette Firing Device

The Gillette Firing Device™ (GFD™) is a rugged, compact firing device for reliably initiating explosives with shock tube. The design features interchangeable adapter heads that allow a single device to fire multiple non-electric shocktube ( Nonel ® ) firing line configurations. For open-end shock tube applications the device uses low-cost standard #209 shotgun primers. For primed assemblies the device is compatible with all 7/16 threaded initiators and the Mk 154 assembly. This starter device represents a vast improvement over the standard Mk 54 Mod 0, Mk 54 Mod 1 firing device and other firing devices based on pen flare launchers and center punches.


  • Truly redundant dual initiation

  • Dual safety with visual/tactile lever and pull clip

  • Compact single handed operation

  • Modular design with interchangeable firing adapters 
    - Minitube
    - Omni F.A.S.T. Initiators

    - Mk 154 Initiators

  • Machined from aircraft grade aluminum and tool steel

  • Easily attaches to a pole or can be fired by foot

  • 10+ year combat proven design





0.118 in. (3mm) O)D standard shock tube using #209 primers


0.085 in (2.2mm) OD mini tuber using #209 primers


7/16-20 Threaded initiators such as the OMNI F.A.S.T. or EDA&D ILI

GFD-MK 154

Mk 154 initiator assemblies