Gryphon Folding Entry Frame


Set: Single

Gryphon's Patented Folding Entry Frame (Explosive) can utilize the folding pole system designed for this frame or the same prop pole used in the standard entry frame. It has rappel lugs on top and bottom to allow for rappelling or lowering the charge onto the selected target using ropes. It has a sliding locking plate that allows users to lock the frame in the open position, while allowing users to unlock and fold the frame up should it become necessary to remove the frame from the target being breached.

Hinged, oval in shape, 1 inch deep loading with run offs to allow tabbed shots on metal walls and/or metal doors. This frame has no metal bolts or fittings.

-Width: 24 inches

-Length: 35.5 inches

-Height: 23.5 inches

-Weight per unit, empty: 11.0 lb./ 5.0 kg

-Weight per unit, water filled 29 lb./ 13.18 kg