Bushido Tactical Breaching Tool Magnetic Breacher’s Wedge


The Wedge 1.5 and Wedge 2.0 were designed for mechanical and hydraulic breachers and serve multiple application uses. Constructed out of 6061 aluminum with 2 magnets on the reverse side, and finished with a Type 2 hard anodized black coating.

The Wedge 1.5 measure 1.5″ OD x 6″ L, and the Wedge 2.0 measures 2.0″ OD v 6″ L.

Breaching Uses:

Creating a gap for your pry bar / hoolie bar
Chalking a door
Removing the internal door off its hinges in seconds (Wedge 1.5 model only)

Made in the USA

Delivery time: Currently 45 – 60 days