Esoteric has introduced to the breaching community a series of charges that not only significantly reduce the New Explosive Weight bu also make it safer for officers and personnel inside the stronghold. Tests have been determined that in some cases, the amount of explosives can be reduced by up to two thirds due to the Esoteric tamping gel used for their specialty linear, lock and puck charges. Liability is a concern for every breacher and their department and anytime we can mitigate risk is a bonus. The Esoteric tamped charges definitely assist in reducing the risk to all.

Ultra Tamping Gel (UTG)

This tamping gel was designed from the ground up with explosive breaching in mind.The goal as to produce a tamping agent that was light weight and minimal fragmentation hazard and flexibility to build a variety of charges to meet operational needs. 

UTG is an extremely effective tamping agent that will not melt in high temperatures, will not harden or freeze in low temperatures, nor will it melt in wet conditions. Breachers are no longer limited by commercially prefabricated charges. With UTG they have the flexibility to build their own.

UTG is highly stable and does not require any backing material fo charge construction thus reducing the amount of fragmentation.