KBP Breaching Pole System


Title: KBP Breaching Pole System

KBP Breaching Pole System



Introducing the KBP Breaching Pole System. The system has been designed to breach wood/metal doors and windows. This revolutionary new product enhances speed and keeps the breacher at a safe distance from the intended target.

Each Breaching Pole System includes: 

-  11 foot (3.3m) extendable pole

-  Fire hose charge detachable head for wood and metal doors

-  Window frame charge & hockey puck metal door charge detachable head 

-  Shock tube lead line pull through guide

-  Charge swivel pads x 4 (expendable items)

-  Charge extension rods x 4 (expendable items)

-  Assembly instruction sheets

-  Safety instruction sheet 


The expendable items allows for two fire hose or four window/hockey puck charges.

Additional training and operational expendable items can be purchased separately


This Pole System has been designed to support charges that do not exceed the following actual weights:

  • 673 grains / .09 lb / 1.5 ounces actual weight
  • 38 grams actual weight


An example of this would be 6.5 feet of 100 gr det cord or 3.75 meters of 10 gram det cord

Kiwi Breaching Products is not responsible for damage to the pole system or accessories for charges greater than these actual weights.