Bushido Tactical Medical OFAK Pouch with Detachable Adapter


The detachable OFAK – Operator First Aid Kit pouch is designed to attach to any MOLLE tactical vest with an adapter to allow the medical pouch to be rapidly removed in any stressful medical situations. Constructed from 1000 Cordura with a red pull tab and medical cross embroidered into the medical flap for faster identification on the operators vest / chest rig. Also holds 3 chemical lights for working in low light situations or for location marking for extractions.

Pouch will comfortably hold the following:
External CAT Tourniquet
Compression bandages
Quickclot gauze
2x Primed gauze
28Fr Nasopharyngeal Airway
Mini medical sheers
2 Pairs of latex gloves
3 x Chemical lights / glow sticks

No medical supplies or accessories are included with the pouch, all medical supplies and accessories sold separately.