Tactical Explosive Breaching Operations Textbook


Tactical Explosive Breaching Operations Textbook

Authored by Charles J. O'Connor and Edward Stark. 

This textbook is a reference for law enforcement and military tactical explosive users, their leaders and legal representatives. It remains a progressive reference refined from over three decades of documented study, research and operational experience in urban environments, not range or sterile test conditions. Bomb squad/EOD personnel will also find this information useful for IED defeat and render safe operations.

The purpose of the textbook is to refine tactical professionals’ subject matter expertise to safely perform urban detonations and defend their use of explosives. The information in the textbook will not conflict with current policies, use of force guidance, charge designs or tactical procedures.

Content Includes:

Introduction and safety protocols

Safety procedures for use of explosives

Concepts of tactical breaching operations

Establishing the explosive breaching program

Introduction to explosives

Explosive compositions and work effect

Understanding the hazard puzzle

Calculating NEW, incident overpressure values and frag distances for safe stacking


Firing assemblies / firing systems

Administrative range protocol

Tactical breaching operation procedures

Explosive breaching program equipment

Explosive shot documents

Tactical breaching program checklist

Reference charts