Gordita Adaptive Mission Bag



The GORDITA is designed based on real world feedback from global operators, and Tactical Energetic Entry Systems, the premiere breaching schools in the USA. Breachers, Medics, Assaulters, and Operators in plain clothes roles needed a bag that is as versatile as them and their environment. We designed the GORDITA to be exactly that; able to change on the fly with the end user for their mission at hand. Whether your role is as a team medic, a breacher loaded with door charges and ancillary equipment, to a plain clothes officer or civilian, the GORDITA can be adapted to fit your needs.

With a quick swap of our optional accessories, you can go from EDC transit bag with our Sling, to direct molle mounted bag with Malice Clips, mounted abdominally with our reversible Velcro Wing, or direct mounted to any EDC/Duty/Battle Belt via integrated laser cut channels. 

Key features are:

  • Modularity:
  1. Satchel Carry with optional sling accessory
  2. Direct Molle mount with Malice Clips (included)
  3. Belt Mounted via laser cut pass through channels
  4. Abdominal Mounted via reversible velcro wing
  • Fully modular rear panel with field replaceable shock cord that allows the user to attach any item they need, large or small, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Gone are the days of being stuck with a one size fits all option that is either too large or small for your application, or just serves no purpose at all adding excess bulk. 
  • Two large front pockets.
  • One large horizontal zipper for front access to interior contents when in collapsed configuration.
  • One large partial clam-shell zipper for access to interior contents when in expanded configuration. 
  • Fully collapsible and expandable pouch. With an integrated zipper all the way around the pouch, you can expand from 1" to 3". Great for accommodating many type of door charges, EDC essentials, medical items, etc. 
  • Full interior velcro panels for accessory attachment.
  • Two drain grommets
  • Upcoming 9" x 10" DFNDR Armor multi hit rated armor plate