3rd Law Combination Strike Face Dynamic Ram


A new evolution in the Dynamic Ram series has arrived - the Combination Strike Face "CSF" Dynamic Ram. The CSF Ram combines the two previously available versions of the Dynamic Ram, the HDPE Non-Sparking strike face and the heat-treated, "hardened steel" strike face.

The strike faces are now interchangeable on the same ram. The Non-Sparking version features an HDPE strike face which is perfect for training environments, or where spark mitigation is important. The steel strike face features an incredibly hard heat-treated steel. This is an important feature that keeps the edge of the strike face crisp and prevents rounded edges and glancing blows.

Until recently, it wasn't feasible to drill and tap this hard, heat-treated steel. However, recent improvements have allowed for this upgrade. The incredibly hard steel face has been drilled and tapped enabling the breacher to unbold and change the strike face as they see fit.
This will be the only version of the Dynamic Ram going forward.


Available in 18, 25 & 32lbs.