KBP B.A.R.B. Breaching and Rescue Blanket


KBP B.A.R.B. Breaching and Rescue Blanket

KBP is proud to offer the first blanket specifically designed and manufactured for Explosive Breaching. The Point Blank Enterprises Breaching And Rescue Blanket is tested to sustain the rigors of explosive breaching. In a unique agreement, the faculty of the Tactical Energetic Entry Systems (T.E.E.S), the premier explosive breaching facility in the U.S. - outlined specific criteria that are used in Point Blank Enterprises’ design. T.E.E.S has provided Explosive and Mechanical Breaching Training to tens of thousands of operators throughout the world.

“This is the best and most thought out breaching blanket on the market today” said Alan Brosnan, T.E.E.S President.


• Six specially designed carry handles so the Breaching Blanket can be used as an improvised litter to transport injured persons if needed.

• Specially designed Litter Straps are secured out of the way until deployed to help retain patient on The Point Blank Enterprises Breaching and Rescue Blanket when used as a litter.

• A sturdy Camera Pouch mounted on the upper-face of the Breaching Blanket to facilitate the Point Blank Iris-Cam or other cameras of your choice. (Camera not included)

• Secure Fire Extinguisher Retention ensures that a small re extinguisher is always on hand during breaching operations.

• Non-Skid Foot Pad Support constructed from Diamond Skid® provides platform to stand on while the blanket is deployed. While standing on the foot pad, the user will have optimized traction as well as coverage of lower extremities

• Constructed with rugged 1000 Denier outer cover

• Convenient Shoulder Strap to carry Breaching Blanket

• Weight of blanket: 24 lbs / 10.9kgs
• One 3” x 12” hook/loop ID Panel / 76mm x 300mm
• Size: 32” x 72” / 812mm x 1828mm
• Color Available: Ranger Green

NOTE:  This flexible blast blanket has been designed to protect team members from blast pressure and light fragmentation from the charge construction material and target. It is rated up to .17 calibre protection.